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The fact is that The Definitive Voice and Act (TDVA) are the right choice! Need a voice? Make the right choice! Reach out to The Definitive Voice and Act (TDVA) to learn more about my achievements and how I can assist your business. With more than 20 years of experience in using voice and acting, I offer professional, educational, and entertaining styles of vocal and on camera and live acting. As a top talent for acting, my services will exceed your wildest expectations and help to offer a strong, leading presence in your upcoming projects.

Get advice on how to succeed in the voice over and acting industry from me.

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Paula T. Lin

Paula T. Lin's Story

I am proud to share my work with the world as a multiple award winning communicator. My career began as a broadcast news journalist in radio. I worked at organizations such as Cable News Network (CNN) and Reuters before progressing to producing, writing, voicing, and acting.

My company, The Definitive Voice and Act (TDVA), allow me to share my achievements with those around me as well as assist those who are trying to break into the tri -state in New York, New York. Being able to soothe others as well as engage them through my voice-overs and acting roles brings me great joy. Overall, my voice has been described as warm, smooth, friendly, sincere, and believable. I can also sound invigorating and authoritative. The goal is to keep listeners alert and eager to learn more alongside having the privilege to consult for your business.



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